Who Are the Prisoners on Hunger Strike?


29 September 2019


(Ramallah) – Six prisoners in Israeli Occupation prisons continue their hunger strike in protest against their administrative detention. Most prominent of these six is Ahmad Ghanaam, who has been on hunger strike for 78 days now.


Ghanaam, 42 years old, is from the city of Dura in the governorate of al-Khalil. He’s been imprisoned since June 2019. His previous incarcerations total nine years. In the past, he has suffered from leukemia, and requires regular medical care due to his weakened immune system. Ghanaam is married with two children.


Isma’il ‘Ali, 30 years old, on hunger strike for 68 days, is from Abu Dis in the Jerusalem governorate. He has been imprisoned since February 2019. Previously, he has spent 7 years in the Occupation’s prison system.


Tareq Q’adaan, 46 years old, on hunger strike for 61 days, is from the Jenin governorate. His previous incarcerations in the Occupation’s prisons—official verdicts and administrative detentions—total 11 years. He is married with six children. His most recent imprisonment began on 23 February 2019. It was supposed to be for two months, but a few days before his scheduled release the Occupation authorities ordered his imprisonment extended under administrative detention.


Mos’ab al-Hindi, 29 years old, has been on hunger strike since 24 September of this month. He is from the town of Tal in the Nablus governorate. His imprisonment started on the fourth of September and is expected to last at least six months. He has been imprisoned many times previously, including 24 separate orders for administrative detention. Last year, al-Hindi went on a hunger strike lasting 35 days, ending it only after he was ordered released. He was released on 9 September 2018. The father of two, al-Hindi languishes today in the “desert Negev” prison.


Joining them on hunger strike since 22 September 2019 is Ahmad Zahran, 42 years of age. He is from the town of Deer Abu Mash’al in the Ramallah governorate. He has previously spent 15 years in the Occupation’s prisons. This time around, he has been in prison since March 2019. He is married and a father of four children. This year, he went on hunger strike for 39 days, ending it only after the Occupation promised to release him. The Occupation then renewed his administrative detention, at which point he announced he was going on hunger strike once more. So, this is his second hunger strike of the year.


Heba al-Labadi, 24 years old, has Jordanian citizenship in addition to Palestinian. She was arrested en route to visiting her family in the Jenin governorate. After arrest, she was transferred to interrogation—25 days in harsh conditions. The interrogation ended with her transfer to administrative detention, thus she announced her hunger strike 24 September 2019.







TRANSLATOR NOTES: Administrative detention is a legal tactic that the Israelis use in order to indefinitely imprison Palestinians without charge.