Translating Arabic news articles into English allows an English-speaking audience to understand perspectives they’re not exposed to in most western media. My translations focus on matters of war and peace.

The Occupation Arrests a Young Man from al-Samou’

2 January 2020

(Hebron) – On Thursday evening, the Israeli Occupation Forces arrested a young man from al-Samou’ in southern Hebron after storming his workplace. Local sources indicated that the Israelis arrested the man, Qassam Khalil al-Khalaila, 25 years old, inside his father’s store, located in central al-Samou’. The Occupation Forces confiscated camera surveillance footage from many places of business in the area following the special operation raid.


Occupation authorities prevent the cultural minister from entering Jerusalem

28 November 2019

(Jerusalem) – The Israeli Occupation Forces arrested the Minister of Culture, ‘Aatif Abu Seif, at the Qalandiya checkpoint, north of Occupied Jerusalem. The IOF prevented him from entering the city.

Sources in the Minister’s office said the Occupation Forces stopped Abu Seif at the checkpoint, confiscated his ID for two hours, and prevented him from entering Jerusalem.


Who Are the Prisoners on Hunger Strike?

29 September 2019

(Ramallah) – Six prisoners in Israeli Occupation prisons continue their hunger strike in protest against their administrative detention. Most prominent of these six is Ahmad Ghanaam, who has been on hunger strike for 78 days now.

Ghanaam, 42 years old, is from the city of Dura in the governorate of al-Khalil. He’s been imprisoned since June 2019. His previous incarcerations total nine years. In the past, he has suffered from leukemia, and requires regular medical care due to his weakened immune system. Ghanaam is married with two children.

The Occupation arrests two young men in Bethlehem

13 September 2019

(Bethlehem) – The Occupation Army arrested two young men from Bethlehem on Friday.

A local source said that the Occupation Forces that stormed the city Friday morning arrested and took away two young men, Mahdi Amr Ziyad and Montaser Hussein Shakhtor.


PJS: 144 photojournalists targeted by the Occupation during first half of 2019

19 August 2019

(Ramallah) – The Freedoms Committee within the Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate has indicated that over 144 Palestinian photojournalists were subject to abuses by the Israeli Occupation during the first half of 2019.

Issued on World Photojournalist Day, the Syndicate’s press release indicated that the Israeli Occupation’s manner of targeting photographers is on the rise. Of the 144 cases, 31 were photojournalists injured by weapon fire (live rounds and rubber-coated steel bullets) in addition to the direct targeting of photojournalists with flash-bang grenades and teargas in order to cause the maximum amount of bodily harm possible.

The first half of this year witnessed 232 abuses against Palestinian journalists overall, including preventing crews from filming, detaining them, and confiscating and smashing their gear, the Syndicate’s press release added. Other offenses against Palestinian journalists included imprisonment, travel bans, and raiding homes and professional establishments.

The press release called upon Arab and international media and human rights organizations to stand with the Syndicate in attempting to protect journalists from deliberate attacks and tracking the Israeli Occupation’s ongoing crimes.

As it was issued on World Photojournalist Day, the press release conveyed formal greetings and respect to all photojournalists working in difficult and complex circumstances inside Palestine.


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This is what the colonists did in June

10 August 2019

(Bethlehem) – B’Tselem is an Israeli institute focused on monitoring violations committed by colonists and the occupying Israeli army. It recently reported that attacks by colonists under fully protection of the occupation army have risen steadily.

The B’Tselem report confirmed the colonists’ various crimes and attacks committed during June 2019. Examples included destroying private property in dozens of villages, burning 1,800 trees and hundreds of dunams of wheat fields, in addition to destroying 700 where young vegetables grew; smashing 55 cars by throwing rocks, injuring dozens of passengers; and tagging vitriolic and racist slogans in many locations.


TRANSLATOR NOTES: A dunam is unit of land measurement. It is equivalent to 1,000 square meters.